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PowerAlley Lite & HomeRun Cage 

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The PowerAlley Lite-Ball Pitching Machine and the 12' x 12' x 10' Lite Ball Batting Cage

The PowerAlley Lite-Ball Pitching Machine pitches fastballs, grounders, and pop-flys. The powerful A/C motor throws soft lite-balls at 40 miles per hour and lite-balls at 60 miles per hour. With a fully enclosed wheel the PowerAlley is not only the least expensive pitching machine on the market but it is also the safest. Plug the PowerAlley into any standard wall outlet for hours of hitting practice.

Introducing the HomeRun Home Batting Cage, the most affordable and revolutionary batting cage ever developed for improving your hitting at home.

Take hit after hit without the hassle of chasing down every ball and watch your batting average soar with your own home batting cage.
The HomeRun Home Batting Cage delivers innovation and quality in an affordable batting cage right to your own backyard. Built for ease-of-use and durability the HomeRun sets-up in minutes. The unique fiberglass pole design, strong 3/4" poly netting, and steel ground stakes provide unusual strength and support along with the flexibility to withstand the elements. Measuring 12 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 10 feet high the HomeRun is the smartest batting cage for home use.

Features: Power Alley Lite Ball Machine
• Pitches Fastballs, Grounders, & Pop-Flys
• Pitches Lite Baseballs Up To 60 MPH
• Fully Enclosed Wheel
• Adjustable Pitch Height
• Tripod with Rubber Tips
• Uses Standard A/C Power

Features: HomeRun Batting Cage
• Solid Fiberglass Frame
• 3/4" Polyethylene Netting
• Steel Ground Stakes and Nylon Support Ropes
• Works Perfectly with Heater Sports Pitching Machines

Key Specs:
• Model #: SP199 - PA99 & HRBC99
• A/C Power
• Recommended Ages: 5 years to Adult
• Lite-Ball Pitching Machine & Batting Cage
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty


Friday, March 22, 2013

Crusher Curve 8hr CR169

The Crusher Curve 8hr CR169

 Is a powerful training tool to help a batter hones his skills.

• Pitches Fastballs & Curve Balls
• Dual Wheel Variable Speed Control
• Two Rechargeable 4 Hour Batteries (8 Hours Total)
• Pitches Up To 45 MPH
• Adjustable Pitch Height
• Automatic Feeder 2 Dozen Ball
• Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
• Uses Standard A/C Power
• Built-in Battery Compartments for 4 or 8 Hour Batteries

• Dual Speed Controls Pitches Curve Balls & Fastballs
• Go Anywhere 8 Hour Rechargeable Batteries
• Speed Control for a variety of adjustable pitch speeds
• Fully Enclosed Wheels provide maximum safety
• Ball Hooper holds 2 Dozen Mini Lite-Balls
• Auto-Ball Feeder pitches every 9 seconds
• Strong Steel Legs for stability


Dual Wheel Variable Speed Mini Lite-Ball Pitching Machine with Two 4 Hour Rechargeable Batteries from Trend Sports® and

 Mini Lite-Balls With Pin-Point Accuracy
 imagine the skill required hitting a real baseball takes, but to hit a ball the size of a golf ball takes skill.

Now, with the Crusher 8 Hour Mini Lite-Ball Pitching Machine, you can train your eye to hit a ball approximately two-thirds smaller than a real baseball. Use the included A/C Power Adapter, or when power is not available, use the included 8 Hour Rechargeable Batteries. With the Crusher’s Dual Wheel Variable Speed Controls you can hit curve balls and fastballs. Take the  8 hour Crusher anywhere you want, set it up, andstart swing away. And if you can hit this mini ball, imagine how well you’ll hit a real ball when you step up to home plate.

You can improve your hitting anywhere. Because the Crusher Lite-Balls are soft, and the Crusher 8 Hour has a rechargeable batteries. Use in the garage, park or your own backyard. Improve Your Game!

 Improve Your Game!


Crusher Mini-Ball Training Bat 


Mini-Ball Bat Includes 3 Bonus Mini-Balls

The Crusher Mini-Ball Training Bat is great for training with soft toss and Crusher mini-ball pitching machines.The Crusher Mini-Ball Bat includes the 2 Long Flight yellow mini-balls and 1 plastic practice mini-ball. The Crusher 30" long, the thin bat design is ideal for developing exact hand-eye coordination and a keen hitters eye. If you buy from anyone else you'll paying to much. Visit 

LET help Improve Your Game!

• Thin Bat Improves Accuracy
• Includes 2 Long Flight Yellow Balls
•Help improves Bat Speed
• Perfects the Hand-eye Coordination
Use Only Practice Balls
• 30" Length - Perfect For All Ages
• Works with Crusher Mini-Ball Machines
Ages 7 to Adult

Key Specs:
• Model #: CRBAT19
• Recommended Ages: 7 years to Adult
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty

Monday, March 18, 2013

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Jugs Lite-Flite Pitching Machine

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Umpire Shin Guards Buying Guide

Caution. Below could be the most comprehensive buying guide on umpire shin guards ever written or the driest. Most likely, it's both. Never the less, reading it should help you choose which shin guard is right for you. This is why you are reading it, right?
Okay, umpire shin guards today do offer greater protection than ever before. The correct name should actually be "leg guards" instead of "shin guards" as all styles provide more than protection to the shins but also to knees, ankles and in some cases to the thigh and foot as well.
Keep reading and we'll look at the specifics.

Most Thigh Protection

If you decided not to wear any leg protection, although not recommended at any level, the best place to get hit is on the thigh. The reason is you have more meat there to cushion the blow and depending on your stance, you're least likely to take a direct blow in that location.
Having said that, you may still want lower thigh protection. That's more than ok. You'll find this additional protection in the topmost "knee" of extended or triple-knee umpire shin guards.
The Wilson Pro Platinum shin guards used by Major League Baseball umpires, the Diamond iX3 model, the MacGregor's and the Diamond iX3 (not shown here) provide this above-the-knee protection through their triple-knee style.

Wilson MLB Logo
Endorsed by Major League Baseball
Your Price: $84.99
Diamond iX3 Umpire Shin Guards
Diamond Logo
Diamond iX3 Umpire Shin Guards
Most Popular Triple-Knee
Customers Choice Seal
Your Price: $64.99


MCB67 Umpire's Leg Guards
  • Molded ABS knee and shin plate 
  • Your Price: $39.99

If you're interested in one of these but still undecided, you might prefer at upper levels Wilson's thicker padding and complete hard shell ankle protection. For lower levels, the padding and hard plastic ankle insert of the Diamond iX3 or MacGregor will usually do.

Customer Popularity and Satisfaction

The Diamond shin guards sell better than average when compared to other shin guards and have an average rate of return overall. However, the 15 1/2" has the highest rate of return at 8.2%, the 17" at 3.8% and the 18 1/2" at 2.5%. These numbers indicate that when in doubt, to size up to the larger size.
Fit Guide Size Popularity
Customers purchase nearly 3 of the 17", 2 of the 18 1/2" and 1 of the 15 1/2" size for every 6 shin guards sold.

Staff Notes

These shin guards no longer come with the diamond shaped holes/vents on the inside padding and outer shell in shin area as shown in the topmost image. See the "Worn Front" image for accurate representation of outer shell.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Batting Cages Batting Cages

ProHittingCages has a batting cage to fit you need. If its the backyard, park, school, or the stadium, we can fit your need and almost any budget. We have cages for the golfer as well check out our Xtender hitting cages, great for golfers andcomes in the varies sizes to fit your desired needs. The Xtender assemble very easy and quickly.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

BaseHit & Xtender 24 System - Real Ball Pitching Machine & 24' x 12' x 12' Home Batting Cage Combo

by Trend Sports

List Price: $642.79
Price: $499.99
You Save:
Free UPS shipping in the lower 48

Only 3 left in stock.
Ships from and sold
                                              by Prohittingcages.

  • Cage Dimensions: 24ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H
  • Xtender 24 Home Batting Net 1" polypropylene netting features a steel and fiberglass frame, steel ground stakes, nylon support ropes, and a built-in pitching machine harness. Connects with other Xtender Home Batting Cages (available in 30ft, 36ft, 48ft, 60ft, 72ft
  • Variable speed control, dual bearing electric motor, and 12 ball automatic feeder pitch baseballs up to 44 mph
  • BaseHit pitches regulation baseballs or lite-balls (sold separately)
  • The BaseHits pivot head design and adjustable pitch height make batting practice fully customizable
  • Visit our website for more information and batting cages.

How to Build a Hitters Confidence at the Plate

The Hitter's Eyes, Focal Points for Hitting Success

It is interesting how so many parents and coaches are very quick to alter this and change that with a young player's batting mechanics. The batter is advised to keep their elbows up, keep their elbows down. They are told to close their stance, open up their stance, keep their head in there and so on. There seems to be no end. Tremendous amount of time and effort on both the coach and the player's part has to be contributed, for a batter to successfully become a good hitter, not along to become a great hitter.
If a young hitter has proper mechanics, and there is nothing devastatingly wrong causing them to develop long-term mechanical flaws, they should be okay.
To repair flaws and get consistency at the plate, make sure the hitter is seeing the ball properly. Someone once said "see the ball, hit the ball". To get the eye-hand coordination will that time, and practice to become consistence at it. The use of a batting cage and a good pitching machine can help greatly in this area. Having a batting cage in your yard is very convenient, along with a good pitching machine. Repetition and focus is what we are trying to achieve. The pay off will be confident and more hits at the plate.
You've heard some of the great hitters make the statement, they are seeing the ball well right now. Or the ball is looking like some kind of a fruit. This happens when there a combination of proper tracking, timing, and technique shifting focus to the pitcher's release point. No doubt seeing the ball well correlates directly to a hitters success at the plate for them.
Your focus should be on a part of the pitcher's body, say his cap, forehead or chest. Doing so, the batter will establishes a proper focal point for their eyes. Proper distance is established as this is the initial stage in the tracking process for a hitter. As the pitcher winds up and begins his or her delivery of the pitch the hitter's focal point shifts into the release window, and with proper timing as the pitcher's hand enters the release window, the hitters focus should be on the ball. That split second difference in tracking the ball with the eyes, can result in a significant improvement in pitch recognition and translate into greater consistency, contact, and hits.
Next time you're struggling at the plate, first check to see where you are looking before the pitch is delivered. With proper practice and coaching instruction on the focal points will go a long way to helping you to become a better hitter.
There's nothing like the service of a live pitcher, but the use of a pitching machine when used properly can help with timing and the eyes focal point. Look to your baseball equipment supplier for the finest in pitching machines, batting cages, bats, gloves, and training aids.
With your hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals and dreams.
James Lathon is the owner of Visit his website for more baseball tip the better hitter around the country are using today.

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